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What vitamins do I need to add for oral ulcers?

*Mouth ulcers need to supplement vitamin B and vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes wound healing, and vitamin B complex maintains normal function of mucous membranes.

*Vitamin B2 is an indispensable part of the enzyme system in our body. It plays a very important role in energy metabolism. It can effectively promote the regeneration of our cells, and it can also effectively promote our growth. So it has a particularly obvious help for our eyesight.

*Vitamin B1 can effectively promote the movement of the intestines, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and promote the metabolism of sugar in the body.

*Vitamin B3 is inseparable from its supplementation if you want to be healthy. It can effectively promote the normal operation of the digestive system, and can also effectively relieve the pressure on the brain, help relieve tension, and make the skin healthier.

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